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What is BEMER Technology?

BEMER is a 100% science-based, class 1 FDA registered medical device developed in Germany.  It is a non-invasive device that improves blood flow in people and animals.

BEMER in professional settings

BEMER Technology is used by NASA (will be astronaut’s spacesuits), (professional) athletes (pre- and post- training and competition) and Medical Doctors (many of them in hospital settings in Europe) as well as a variety of health practitioners (chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists).

What are BEMER sessions like?

You simply comfortably lay (or ist on a gravity chair) on the BEMER body mat for 8 minutes, close your eyes and relax.  Depending on the issues small applicators can be applied to different body parts for another 8-20 minutes, so block off 30-40 minutes in your schedule.  You wear your normal clothing and remove your shoes.

Benefits of single BEMER sessions

Most people will experience immediate benefits of a single session: increased energy, relaxation, better sleep, relief from discomfort.  However the more sustainable improvements come by receiving 2-3 sessions per week.

Benefits of regular BEMER sessions

BEMER sessions improve the blood flow.  Most people (young and old) will experience some level of compromised blood flow because of inflammation, exposure to toxins, medications and chemicals, sedentary life style, smoking and alcohol consumption, STRESS, lack of sleep, improper nutrition and aging.  So BEMER’s simple action of improving blood flow has a very profound impact on the body: Increased oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells into the organs and tissues and enhanced disposal of metabolic waste and toxins. As a results of the improved blood flow a multitude of benefits will be noted over time: Improved self-healing capacity of the body, improved cardiac and circulatory function, increased physical fitness and endurance, increases strength and energy, improved concentrations and mental acuity, reduction of stress, improved relaxation and better quality of sleep.