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Dunwoody Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Voyda

Chiropractic Gave Me an Edge of my Competitors

Dr. Voyda was an avid sports enthusiast during his college days. Dr. Tom was recruited by many Division I college football programs eventually choosing Syracuse University and playing four years for the Syracuse Orangeman. “I was a chiropractic patient at that time and I was so excited to find the adjustments gave me an edge over other players. That’s when I realized the true potential of chiropractic care.”

During Dr. Voyda’s exposure as a patient, he underwent chiropractic therapy and finally felt better.

Dunwoody Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Voyda

Dr. Tom Voyda and his family.

“Everything fell in place. My body functioned well after the adjustments. I was truly inspired by my own experience so after a few years, the tables were turned and I became a chiropractor.”

I’m Here To Help You Find The Hope You’ve Lost

“The most important thing that appealed to me and led me to become such a caring chiropractor was the ability to instill hope in people. Chiropractic care leads people to a new path, where they can live their lives feeling great.”

Chiropractor in Dunwoody

Dr. Voyda went to Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. “My faculty and peers supported and encouraged me to learn this scientific art, and I’m so thankful for them.”

He graduated in 1996 and is now a proud Chiropractor in Dunwoody, still inspired and helping people find hope!

“I’m Not Just a Doctor”


Dunwoody Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Voyda

“I believe that good health is a result of a balanced lifestyle. In order to lead a balanced lifestyle, one has to make smart choices as far as health is concerned. So, I walk the walk. I work to make sure chiropractic is an integral part of my lifestyle so I can set a good example.”

Dr. Voyda believes a balanced lifestyle should include Chiropractic Care, proper nutrition and exercise.

Whenever Dr. Voyda’s not adjusting people, he loves to take walks in the woods with his wife and two daughters. His wife and eldest daughter both serve the medical world. And, he loves exploring the world with them.

Chiropractic Care is Not Magic, but The Results Are…

“The greatest challenge in the field of chiropractic’s, according to me, is to spread the message about chiropractic care.” Chiropractic is not magic, even though it produces magical results…

Once people witness its positive outcome; they perceive it in a different manner. I feel it is my duty to spread this message so that everyone can experience how good health feels!

Call our office and setup a time to speak to Dr. Voyda, he’s here and he’s ready to listen!