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Meet the Doctors of Health Point Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Meet Dunwoody Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Voyda

Chiropractic Gave Me an Edge of my Competitors

Dr. Voyda was an avid sports enthusiast during his college days.”I was a chiropractic patient at that time and I was so excited to find the adjustments gave me an edge over other players. That’s when I realized the true potential of chiropractic care.”

During Dr. Voyda’s exposure as a patient, he underwent chiropractic therapy and finally felt better.

“Everything fell in place. My body functioned well after the adjustments. I was truly inspired by my own experience so after a few years, the tables were turned and I became a chiropractor.”
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Meet Dr. Tracy Ivy James

My Migraines Made Me Desperate For Help

“When I was in college, I was involved in a car accident. I suffered severe neck injuries that caused my migraines to multiply. Together, the neck pain and the migraines caused me excruciating pain. It was intolerable; I was miserable and desperate for help…”

It was during that time that Dr. James heard of a chiropractor in the vicinity. She was so desperate to get better that she was willing to try anything. So, Dr. James decided to give chiropractic care a shot.

“Within three months, my body responded miraculously to the treatment. I felt so much better, finally regaining my quality of life.”…read more »

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